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Christian de Portzemparc (Architect)

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Category: Architects

Post Contributors: Alice Thomas, Jon Stevens

Portrait of Christian de Portzemparc by Olivier Blanc

Profession: Architect

Born: May 5, 1944, Casablanca, Morocco

Nationality: French

Famous for:

- Pritzker Prize winner

- Bold conceptual architecture style

- Credit Lyonnais Tower, France

- Prism Tower, New York

Links for resources:

Official website (biography, projects, news)

Portrait (from the Pritzker Prize's website)

Sketches of projects, MoMA, New York

Prism Tower, New York, article (context, structure and description), The Ornamental Metal Institute Of New York

Dior's flagship store (background, photos and architectural plans)

Detailed biography, Britannica

Centre Pompidou exhibition's article by Marie Christine Loriers

The architect explaining his work on TV (In French with English subtitles, transcript and context)

Laureate profile and biography, Praemium Imperiale

Short biography and audio recordings (in French)

Short biography including referenced photographs of various projects

Interview (in English) about Suzhou's Cultural Centre

Further research:

- Pritzker Prize

Please note: all links will send you to a free article. No subscriptions should be required.


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