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Jacques Tati (Cineast, Director)

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Category: Cinema, Culture, Design

Post Contributor: Olivier Blanc

Mr Hulot losing balance on over polished floor, animated gif

Profession: Cineast / Film Director

Born: October 9th, 1907, Le Pecq, France

Died: November 4th, 1982, Paris, France

Famous for:

- Monsieur Hulot's Holiday

- Playtime

- Mon Oncle

- Observing the irony (and sometimes absurdity) of Modernism

Links for resources:

Article, film series, MoMA, New York

"[...] Comedy Genius Jacques Tati", article, Indiewire

Profile, life, work, World Mime Organisation

Case study, Royal Ocean Film Society

"Jacques Tati in Monsieur Hulot’s Work", interview (Television program Omnibus / BBC)

Further research:

- Modernism

- Architecture

- Design

- Cinema

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