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Sir Jonathan Ive (Industrial Designer)

Category: Designer

Post Contributor: Kathy Chen

Jonathan Ive pop modern portrait

Profession: Industrial Designer

Born: February 27th, 1967, London, England

Nationality: British, American

Famous for:

- iMac series

- iPod, iPhone, iPad

- Great attention to precise details

© 2023 - Illustration by Dai Yifan & ob27

Links for resources:

Profile, Timeline, Q&A, In conversation (Design Museum)

Article and interview (Time)

"One of the things we wanted to do was try and explain as clearly as we can – through photography – how you transform a raw material into a product that you recognise and hopefully use as a daily tool."

"Sir Jony Ive reflects on the nature of objects", interview (Wallpaper)

"Dieter Rams: Apple has achieved something I never did", article (The Telegraph)

Graydon Carter in conversation with Jonathan Ive on design process and creative approach (Vanity Fair)

"As the technology becomes more powerful but also physically smaller, and that it is possibly for it to be worn, worn simply and worn easily, the products become clearly not only more personal but they become more intimate."

Jony Ive & Anna Wintour in Conversation (Wired)

Photograph of Apple Ipods

Photography by Christine Sandu

Further research: (topics in connection):

- Industrial Design

- Minimalism

- Dieter Rams

- Bauhaus

- Raymond Loewy

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