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Alberto Giacometti (Artist) The master of silhouettes and emotions

Updated: May 1

Category: Contemporary Art

Post Contributor: Kathy Chen

Colourfull illustration of Giacometti in his studio surrounded by elongated human form shaped sculptures which are typical of his artistic style
Illustration by Simone Yao & ob27

Profession: Artist

Born: October 10th, 1901,Borgonovo, Switzerland

Died: January 11th, 1966, Chur, Switzerland

Nationality: Swiss

Famous for:

- Elongated human silhouette sculptures

- Surrealism

- Existentialism, Primitivism

Links for resources:

Biography and artworks (Giacometti foundation)

Gallery of artworks (Art Institute of Chicago)

"His figures are capable of a presence that is almost philosophical, or at least they have some sense in their aura that they represent the human dilemma, human frailty, human pride."

Breathing Life into Bronze, article with photographs (Tate)

Inside Giacometti's studio, article with photographs (Tate)

"Instead Giacometti refers to idea of motion but actually just insists that sculpture is still."

Antony Gormley on Alberto Giacometti (Tate)

Three Men Walking II, artwork description and interpretation (The Met)

"I saw anew the bodies that attracted me in reality and the abstract forms which seemed to me true in sculpture, but I wanted to create the former without losing the latter…" — Alberto Giacometti, ‘Letter to Pierre Matisse’ 1947

The Surrealist sculptures that put Alberto Giacometti on the map, article (Christies)

Interview of Giacometti with footage of the artist working in his studio in 1967 (BFI)

"...celebrating the centenary of Alberto Giacometti's birth with an exhibition devoted to his postwar work", article (The Guardian)

Gallery of artworks (Fondation Giacometti)

Biography and past exhibitions (Gagosian)

"But Giacometti was determined to continue with his struggle, trying to progress even if it was only by so much as an inch, or a centimetre, or a millimetre."

When Alberto Giacometti met Samuel Beckett, article (Tate)

Biography with timeline and photographs (Giacometti Stiftung)

Giacometti's Creative Process, article by Stephanie Foster (The Cleveland Museum of Art)

On the edge of madness: the terrors and genius of Alberto Giacometti, article (The Guardian)

"Three sculptures that Alberto Giacometti created for a Manhattan plaza were never installed there" article by Stacy Pope (Guggenheim)

Eight things to know: Alberto Giacometti (The Tate)

The Other Giacometti, article by Michael Brenson, 1984 (The New York Times Magazine)

Further research:

- Primitive art

- Surrealism

- Decorative arts

- Fernand Léger

- Constantin Brâncuși

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