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Sir Antony Gormley (Artist, Sculptor)

Category: Contemporary art

Post Contributor: Kathy Chen

Portrait illustration of Antony Gormley

Profession: Artist, Sculptor

Born: August 30th, 1950, Hampstead, England

Nationality: British

Famous for:

- Field for the British Isles, 1993

- The Angel of the North, 1998

- Horizon Field, 2010

Illustration above, by Simone Yao and ob27 / Video by Kathy Chen (Qingdao 's TAG Art Museum)

Links for resources:

Official Website with news, works and a variety of resources

"Sculpted space, within and without", talk (Ted)

In conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist, video (Via Antony Gormley's official website)

"The Body as a Found Object: Antony Gormley" from Brilliant Ideas Ep. 40 (Bloomberg Originals)

"Behind the scenes of our Antony Gormley exhibition", article with photographs (Royal Academy)

"Every object tells stories: the story of its making, whether human, geological or natural; the story that it illustrates; the story that the artist attaches to it and the story we attach to it - the thing that makes us look."

"Matter In Mind", article published in The Financial Times, (via Antony Gormley's official website)

"I’m inviting people to explore the conditions of their own living", article (The Guardian)

"We’re at more than a tipping point. We’re in a moment of utter crisis", interview (Wallpaper)

"For me, art is a sounding board. It is a mirror in which we can hopefully see our natures, and I think that’s what it’s always been."

"What is a human being? Sculptor Antony Gormley figures it out", article (BBC)

What is art? (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, via Youtube)

Further research: (topics in connection):

- Carl Andre

- Merce Cunningham

- Alberto Giacometti

- Joseph Beuys

- Land Art

- Arte Povera

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