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10 principles of design by Dieter Rams

Updated: Mar 1

Category: Design

Post Contributors: Jon Stevens, Olivier Blanc

Dieter Rams, an internationally renowned German industrial designer, established ten design principles widely recognised as the basis of modern minimalist design.

Illustration of products designed by Dieter Rams

1-GOOD DESIGN is innovative

2-GOOD DESIGN makes a product useful

3-GOOD DESIGN is aesthetic

4-GOOD DESIGN makes a product understandable

5-GOOD DESIGN is unobtrusive

6-GOOD DESIGN is honest

7-GOOD DESIGN is long-lasting

Illustration by Lin Xin Yan

8-GOOD DESIGN is thorough down to the last detail

9-GOOD DESIGN is environmentally-friendly

10-GOOD DESIGN is as little design as possible


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