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The Five Points of a New Architecture By Le Corbusier

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Category: Architecture

Post Contributor: Olivier Blanc

Illustration of the Villa Savoye by Olivier Blanc

© Illustration by Olivier Blanc, 2021.

1-Pilotis. Replacement of ground floor supporting walls with a grid of reinforced concrete columns that bear the structural load is the basis of the new aesthetic.

2-The free design of the ground plan. Raised on free-standing columns with the absence of supporting walls, means the ground floor is unrestrained in its internal use.

3-The free design of the façade. Separating the exterior of the building from its structural function sets the façade free from conventional structural constraints.

4-Horizontal windows. The absence of load-bearing walls allows for windows of any size. Large horizontal windows increase the sense of space and light rooms equally.

5-Roof garden. A flat roof can serve a domestic purpose while providing essential protection to the concrete roof.


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