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Tadao Ando (Architect)

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Category: Architecture

Post Contributor: Kathy Chen, Jon Stevens

Portrait of Tadao Ando by Olivier Blanc

Profession: Architect

Born: September 13th, 1941, Minato Ward, Osaka, Japan

Nationality: Japanese

Famous for:

- Church of the Light

- 4X4 House

- Concrete surfaces, space and light

- Pritzker Prize winner

© Illustration by Olivier Blanc

Links for resources:

"Thoughts on Tadao Ando" by Kenneth Frampton, essay (Pritzker Prize)

Detailed biography and selected works (Pritzker Prize)

Interview (The Talks)

I always believed that the wall is an extremely important element to expose light. On the wall, the locus of breathing light is drawn. This imbues life into architecture.

Video interview by Centre Pompidou (Centre Pompidou)

Sketches and photographs of maquettes (Centre Pompidou)

Photographs of the studio and interview (Architizer)

Interview (Alain Elkann Interviews)

Immerse yourself in art, and cultivate curiosity

Further research:

- Nature and Architecture

- Minimalism

- Japanese Architecture

- Light, volumes and materials

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