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Christian Dior (Fashion Designer)

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Category: Fashion design

Post Contributor: Olivier Blanc

Illustration portrait of Christian Dior by ob27

Profession: Fashion Designer

Born: January 21st, 1905, Granville, France

Died: October 24th, 1957, Montecatini Terme, Italy

Nationality: French

Famous for:

- New Look

- Strong influence on post WWII fashion

- Attention to details and feminine silhouette

© 2023 - Illustration by Simone Yao & ob27

Christian Dior was a legendary fashion designer who revolutionized the post-World War II fashion industry with his innovative designs. He founded the fashion house Christian Dior in December of 1946, and quickly became an icon in the world of haute couture. Dior introduced a new aesthetic, characterised by a feminine and voluptuous silhouette, which contrasted the boxy and practical clothing worn during the war years.

One of Dior's most significant contributions to fashion was his iconic "New Look" collection, unveiled on February 12, 1947. This collection featured a cinched waist, voluminous skirts, and accentuated busts, thereby redefining women's fashion with a touch of extravagance and opulence. The "New Look" became an instant success and transformed Dior into an influential figure in the fashion industry.

Photograph of designs by Christian Dior's House of Fashion

“Esprit Dior” exhibition, Shanghai, 2013

Links for resources:

"Christian Dior" essay by Beth Duncuff Charleston, gallery of photographs (V&A)

The New Look revolution (Dior)

Detailed biography and timeline (Design Museum)

"La Ligne Corolle', photographs of every detail for the iconic Bar Suit (V&A)

"I accentuated the waist, the volume of the hips, I emphasised the bust."

"From ‘new look’ to royal appointment: the Christian Dior legacy", article by Karen Kay (The Guardian)

"Soirée de Décembre", context for the evening dress with photographs (V&A)

Odile Kern, model for Monsieur Dior, interview (Bazaar)

Documentary from 1949, step by step process of collection making

1955's fashion collection showcased by models (British Pathé)

Further research: (topics in connection):

- Fashion design

- Yves Saint Laurent

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