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The beautiful details of Chagall’s art, dive into 6 magical paintings

Updated: Mar 19

1 - Les amoureux sur le fond jaune

1960 / Size 60x50 cm

Painting of les amoureux sur le fond jaune, oil on canva, yellow

Photograph by Olivier Blanc, 2021

2 - The flower jug, 1925

Painting of The Flower Jug by Marc Chagall, oil on canva, very colourful

Photograph by Olivier Blanc, 2021

3 - Bouquet of flowers on a red background, 1970

Painting by Marc Chagall, oil on canva, majority of red

Photograph by Olivier Blanc, 2021

4 - The Purple Rooster

1966-1972 / Size 89x78 cm

Painting of the purple rooster by Marc Chagall, oil on canva, majority of blue

Photograph by Olivier Blanc, 2021

5 - The Bouquet of the Moon

1946, / Size 100x73.4cm

Painting of the bouquet of the moon by Marc Chagall

Photograph by Olivier Blanc, 2021

6 - Wedding under the canopy, 1981

Painting of wedding under the canopy by March Chagall

Photograph by Olivier Blanc, 2021

Marc Chagall's art is notable for its unique blend of various artistic styles, including Cubism, Fauvism, and Expressionism, as well as elements from his Jewish heritage and Russian-Belarusian background. His distinctive body of work showcases his personal experiences and cultural influences, thanks to his imaginative use of vibrant colours and dreamlike imagery.

One of the hallmarks of Chagall's style is his ability to infuse everyday scenes with a touch of whimsy and magic. The painting 'I and the Village' and 'La Mariée' (The Bride), where he depicts village scenes with floating figures and vibrant colours, demonstrates this. His use of colours is particularly striking, as he employs a rich palette to evoke emotion and convey symbolism.

Chagall's imaginative approach is also unmissable in works such as "Over the Town" and "The Green Violinist," where he presents playful scenes of acrobats and animals soaring above a town and a green-skinned violinist surrounded by musical notes and a goat. These pieces showcase his ability to combine artistic styles and cultural elements to produce a unique visual language.

"In our life, there is a single colour, as on an artist's palette, which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the colour of love." Marc Chagall

Another recurring theme in Chagall's work is the celebration of family, community, and love. In paintings like "The Birthday" and "The Lovers," he depicts joyful gatherings and intimate moments with his characteristic use of vibrant colours and dreamlike imagery.

In addition to his paintings, Chagall also created stunning stained glass work for the Art Institute of Chicago and for St. Stephan's Church in Mainz, Germany. The proficiency in using colours and symbolism in these compositions is quite conspicuous.

Marc Chagall's unique and captivating world sets him apart as one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. His use of colours, dreamlike imagery, and cultural influences resulted in a distinctive and timeless body of work that continues to inspire and mesmerize viewers.

Series of photographs by Olivier Blanc, 2021



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