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12 creative cinema posters designed by Saul Bass (Gallery)

Updated: Mar 7

Category: Graphic Design

Post Contributor: Jon Stevens, Olivier Blanc

Photograph in black and white of Saul Bass gesturing while talking
Saul Bass, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), 1979.

Profession: Graphic Designer

Born: May 8th, 1920, New York, USA

Died: April 25th, 1996, Los Angeles, USA

Nationality: American


Saul Bass was a highly influential American graphic designer and filmmaker. He made significant contributions to the graphic design field by creating iconic logos and pioneering film title sequences.

Regarded as one of the foremost graphic designers of the 20th century, Bass excelled in logo design, film poster creation, and title sequence conception.

Throughout his highly regarded career spanning four decades, he revolutionised movie credit formats, introducing an innovative art form through imaginative and impactful film title sequences that effectively captured the essence of the respective films.

Collaborating with renowned filmmakers such as Hitchcock, Frankenheimer, and Scorsese, Bass produced memorable title sequences for their films.

In addition, he conceived and developed enduring and influential corporate logos for renowned companies such as AT&T, Kleenex, Quaker Oats, and United Airlines. These logos, characterised by their innovative nature, were ahead of their time and proved to be timeless. Termed the "Saul Bass style," his distinctive artistic approach continues to be studied and revered by graphic designers. Bass had profound impact on the design industry. The lasting influence of his style, established him as a prominent figure in the field.

Bass's innovative and unfading designs continue to inspire and shape the graphic design realm, cementing his status as a prominent and enduring figure within the discipline.

“The Man With the Golden Arm” (1955)

Picture of the cinema poster of the man with the golden arm from 1955

“Love in the Afternoon” (1957)

Picture of the cinema poster of love in the afternoon from 1957

Picture of the cinema poster of vertigo from 1958, illustration of a man and a woman caught in a white spiral on an orange background

“Vertigo” (1958)

“Anatomy of a Murder” (1959)

Picture of the cinema poster of anatomy of a murder from 1959, silhouette of a deadman on a yellow and red background

“The Cardinal” (1963)

Picture of the cinema poster of the cardinal from 1963, bold typeface with photographs embeded inisde, dark orange background

“Nine Hours to Rama” (1963)

Picture of the cinema poster of nine hours to rama from 1963, crawling man on the floor holding a flower, orange background

“Grand Prix” (1966)

Picture of the cinema poster of grand prix from 1966, illustration of fast racing cars on a white background

“Seconds” (1966)

Picture of the cinema poster of seconds from 1966, black box press on a white background

“The Fixer” (1968)

Picture of the cinema poster of the fixer from 1968, blue background with silhouette of a man walking towards an architecture

“Such Good Friends” (1971)

Picture of the cinema poster of such good friends from 1971, black legs on a red background


“The Human Factor” (1979)

Picture of the cinema poster of the human factor from 1979, orange background with black telelphone and white font

“The Shining” (1980)

Picture of the cinema poster of the shining from 1980, red background with strong black font



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