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Juicy Salif (By Philippe Starck)

Updated: Mar 27

Category: Product Design

Contributor: Jon Stevens

juicy salif designed by philippe starck is on a table during an exhibition about contemporary design.

Designer: Philippe Starck

Year: 1990

Manufacturer: Alessi

Photograph: Olivier Blanc, 2021

Juicy Salif has an unconventional and still futuristic design today, which intentionally deviates from the traditional "form follows function" principle.

It has been a long subject of controversy due to its impracticality as a lemon squeezer. With its striking aluminium body, Juicy Salif has a unique allure which contributes to its memorableness and significance.

Starck's initial aim was to provoke conversations and create a sculptural object that would spark imagination and dialogue.

Despite its controversial nature and impracticality as a lemon squeezer, Juicy Salif has become an iconic piece of late-twentieth-century design. Juicy Salif reflects Philippe Starck's unconventional approach to product design.

Article, "The Secret History Of: Philippe Starck's lemon squeezer"

History, context, physical description, original photos /Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Article, "The most controversial lemon squeezer in History

Article, "The home in 50 objects #17: Juicy Salif lemon squeezer"

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