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Charlotte Perriand (Architect, Designer)

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Category: Architect, Designer

Post Contributor: Olivier Blanc

Profession: Architect, Designer

Born: October 24th, 1903, Paris, France

Died: October 27th, 1999, Paris, France

Nationality: French

Famous for:

- Les Arcs

- Lounge Chair

- Nuage Bookcase

Links for resources:

Detailed biography, timeline, work with Le Corbusier (London Design Museum)

“The object is not neutral. it has a relationship with man [...] ”, article (Domus magazine)

Article on the exhibition at the London's Design Museum with sketches and photos (Elle Decoration)

"The design visionary who survived Le Corbusier's putdowns", article (The Guardian)

“She refused to confine women to a closed kitchen”, article (Design Week)

Extensive list of products with photographs and biography (Magen H Gallery)

"The radical, unsung heroine of design", article (BBC /Designed)

"It was something I wanted to do in Japan, using local materials. The characteristic of bamboo is its elasticity - there is a wide range of things that can be done with it."

Interview with Charlotte Perriand (The Architectural Review)

"David McNulty [...] was particularly proud of realising the design of a 1934 beach house by Perriand", article (The Irish Times)

La Maison Au Bord de L’eau, "[...] lost holiday house built by Louis Vuitton for the first time", article (Wallpaper)

[...] how Charlotte Perriand modernised our lives, article (The RIBA Journal)

"Travail et Sport /Work and Sport", 1927-28, photo of architecture model (Wallpaper)

"The extension of the art of dwelling, is the art of living."

"The little-known 20th-century designer who could see our homes of the future", article (CNN Style)

"10 things to know about Charlotte Perriand", article including key products with photos (Christie's)

Nuage bookcase and working with Le Corbusier, article (Financial Times)

Detailed career background with theory on design approach - in French language (Centre Pompidou)

Fauteuil pivotant / Armchair, designed in 1927, full details with context (V&A)

"Cabinet" designed in 1958 (Mahogany) by Charlotte Perriand

Further research:

- Le Corbusier

- Jean Prouvé

- 522 Tokyo Lounge chair

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