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René Lalique (Glass Designer)

Updated: Mar 1

Category: Design, Art Nouveau

Post Contributor: Kathy Chen, Olivier Blanc

Portrait of Rene Lalique, illustration by ob27

Profession: Jewellery & Glass Designer

Born: April 6th, 1860, Aÿ-en-Champagne, France

Died: May 1st, 1945, Paris, France

Nationality: French

Famous for:

- Jewellery design

- Glass work

- Fine details

- Art Nouveau style

© 2023 - Illustration by Simone Yao & ob27

Links for resources:

Detailed timeline with key moments, include photographs and design illustrations (Lalique official website)

Introduction to René Lalique's work and Art Déco style (V&A)

Collection of Art Déco objects including one vase and a radiator mascot designed by René Lalique (V&A)

Website for the official Lalique Museum in France

"Glass is a wonderful substance. Everything makes it an incomparable plastic medium in the hands of an ingenious artist, offering his imagination and talent almost limitless scope for discovery."

Detailed biography with key dates and photographs (The Corning Museum of Glass)

"From French glassware maker to global luxury lifestyle brand", article (The Week)

Pavillon Lalique, photographs and details (Musée des arts décoratifs)

Pavot (Poppy) decorative object from 1897, details and photographs (Musée d'Orsay)

Fish, side view sketch study (Musée d'Orsay)


Design: Coquille (Shell) , 1924

Material: Opalescent pressed glass

Private collection, photographs by

René Lalique, L'homme de verre (The Glass Man) - Documentary on his creative approach, inspiration and technique.

Further research: (topics in connection):

- Art Nouveau

- Emile Gallé

- Glass design

- Art Deco

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