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Emile Gallé (Artist, Designer)

Category: Design, Art Nouveau

Post Contributor: Olivier Blanc

Portrait of Emille Gallé, illustration by ob27

Profession: Artist, Designer

Born: May 8th, 1846, Nancy, France

Died: September 23rd, 1904, Nancy, France

Nationality: French

Famous for:

- Art Nouveau

- Glass work

- Furniture

- École de Nancy (School of Nancy)

© 2023 - Illustration by Simone Yao & ob27

Links for resources:

Biography and gallery of work (Artnet)

"Autumn Crocus" Vase, glass technique and method description (The Met)

Article with photographs (Christie's)

Flowers should not be put in the vases of Gallé, since they will always look faded in them.” Oscar Wilde

"Émile Gallé manufactory" article with gallery of photographs (Museum Collection)

Art Nouveau furniture, sideboard, gallery of photographs (Virginia Museum Of Fine Arts)

"About Art Nouveau" by Françoise Aubry

Photographs by The Met (Public Domain)

Further research: (topics in connection):

- Art Nouveau

- René Lalique

- Glass design

- Art Deco

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